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This video will highlight everything that you need to know about cataract surgery among young adults.
This video will give you a comprehensive understanding of corneal cross-linking. It begins with a background of this procedure, further talking about how useful it is in progressive keratoconus and digs deep into its role in infections, keratoplasty and refractive surgery.
The video tells about effect of diabetes on eyes. Tells about Diabetic Retinopathy.
This video will provide you with an introduction to microbial keratitis. It will delve into various clinical signs that aid in evaluating this disorder, the different tests that are required for its diagnosis, specific antimicrobial therapy and surgical options that are available to treat it.
This video tells you about cataract operations by answering a wide range of questions like whether or not it is an emergency operation, what are the various factors that it depends on, the importance of visiting an eye specialist when you experience any symptom related to cataract and various intraocular lenses or IOLs that are available.
The video tells about Laser Cataract Surgery, version Image Guide System, Femto second Laser Cataract Surgery with Artificial Intelligence.
This video will talk about how diabetes impacts vision and will expand on various treatment methods for the same.
This video defines and classifies dry eyes, its epidemiology and pathophysiology, diagnosis and the 4 steps required to manage it.
This Video tells about ICL Surgery for Specs Removal. How this surgery is performed. This tyoe of surgery is performed on Patient whose Specs cannot be removed by Lasik Laser. This type of Surgery is full customised surgery.
The Video gives detailing about Cataract in Elderly Patients.This Video also tells about the Advanced Technology used for Cataract Management.
The Video contains tips and advices for Lasik Eye Surgery. All the Questions which are frequently asked for this surgery are answered in the above Video.
This video touches upon the increase in the number of diabetic patients across the country and the impact that it has on vision.
This video puts the spotlight on one of the most common eye problems – Digital Eye Strain. The video will look into its symptoms, ways by which you can modify your life for the purpose of reducing the risk of this eye condition and various pointers you can put into use if you continue to experience dry eyes.
This video will give you an in-depth understanding of cataract, glaucoma and the effect of diabetes on vision. It will look into varies aspects of each of these topics which include what is cataract, its effects depending on the age of an individual, the importance of getting a cataract operation done on time, what is glaucoma and its awareness, and the impact diabetes has on vision.
This video will talk about the coronavirus and how the virus affects our eyes. It will also give you a detailed list of dos and don’ts that you must incorporate in your everyday lives.
This Video tells about the next generation of Cataract Surgery. The doctor talks about the new era of Cataract Surgery.
The Video explains about Mucormycosis- The Black Fungus. It tells about what is Black Fungus, how this fungal infection gets effected.
The Video explains about the effect of diabetes on eye. What diseases are prone to eyes because of Diabetes.
This video will help you learn about an eye condition that is known as Keratoconus as it examines everything from the diagnosis of this eye condition to the kind of treatment that is required for it.
This video will delve into various vision disorders like myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. Furthermore, it will talk about how Lasik surgery can help you get rid of your glasses.
This video will begin with a brief description of the retina, disorders that damage the retina like diabetic retinopathy, surgery and treatments, and the importance of annual screening.