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Key Services Feature of Business Development and Management

We shall understand your business and marketing objectives first, and then go on to develop appropriate planning and management strategy.

Bring your business through the key steps to connect, engage and influence your customers through social media and other online tools like websites, web creative’s, online advertisements.

Devise Marketing solutions that’re tailored to help you achieve your business objectives

Guide you to track and optimize your marketing campaigns continuously.

In an Increasingly dominating dotcom sector, we offer website designing, web development and SEO services globally at an affordable cost. Expect highest professional standards of task delivery from our in-house team of seasoned professionals, who provides each client with responsive individual support and creative solutions.

Speed, reliability, security, and innovation are four corner stones of our web solution services, when it comes to professional web hosting and web design. We have a pan country service foot-print and dedicated operational offices across north India to facilitate a client with direct access to our professional team. Be it a small business or a multinational enterprise, we serve with the same standard quality regulation norms as prescribed in our customer service manual.

Technology Solutions: Your business needs technology support to anchor & grow. You got to become digitally smarter to respond to the evolving needs of your customers and stakeholders across the value chain. This makes it vital that you link your daily business dealings with technology. Our service support will allow you to automate, innovate & exponentially increase your operational band width. We have a suite of solution accelerators that will help you blend technology with your business.

Management Solutions: Our technology driven framework will help you better exploit your entire management apparatus, enable People and Process Optimization, and Ongoing Performance Tracking and Improvement by fixing and removing all managerial bottlenecks. Our entire focus remains on how to increase your efficiency, maximize your productivity, reduce expenditures and help you enhance your work out put with speed and results.

Web designing: Affordable, purpose driven, smart and web friendly web designing, e-Commerce web design, web development, & web application. We have extended our hands across the globe in providing the World Class solutions to our clients in designing scalable and customized ecommerce applications in health, education, services and retail. Our lead work areas include:
  • Custom website design
  • Web graphics
  • Logo development
  • Website usability,
  • User interface (UX)

What sets us apart at Eye Care Helpline
  • Operational Automation that provides higher operational efficiency & quicker turnaround time.
  • Standardization & Compliance of business operations in accord with NABH & other regulatory bodies.
  • Intelligent work platforms.
  • Saving recurring capital, Time & cost.
  • Operational accuracy & controlled functioning, which is easy to monitor & track.
  • Achieve higher productivity and faster time to market
  • Deliver superior customer experience
Digital marketing & Managing Social Media Platforms / Groups

  • Website Development
  • Post Creation
  • Paid Ads/ Campaigns/ Boosters
  • Artwork
  • Video Shoot & Edit
  • Animated Conceptual Videos
  • Blogs
  • SEO & Google AdWords
  • Helping To Reach Out The Targeted Audience
  • Increase in Likes & Subscribers
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GST Ready

In our bid to take away all your ACCOUNTING and BOOK keeping burden and to simplify the complexities of your daily business growth figures; this service, using modern softwares and experienced resource persons, lets you outsource your entire ACCOUNTING management requirements. Our aim is to leave you with the freedom and time to concentrate on your core business areas by reducing the burden of critical non-core functions (like accounting and book keeping) & thereby managing them in a more productive, efficient and profitable manner to the complete satisfaction of our clientele. The synergy here is both cost and time effective besides being secure and confidential on our overseas database servers protected by sophisticated firewall defenses.
We have team of experts at the backend with virtual assistance to help you manage the file processing of insurance/tpa patients and followup/track/ answer all the queries raised by the insurance companies to settle the cases done. Also, the virtual team helps you to reconcile the cases/ bank statements & tds deductions.

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Empanelment’s & Accelerations: Businesses no longer can operate in vacuum. More and more sectors are increasingly stepping into the organized sector and being brought under the regulatory ambit. This is to align them to the concept of ‘best practices’ of the corresponding trade and follow the doctrine of ‘Standardization’. Here in India, at the forefront of the vital empanelment drive are the health care & education sectors. While National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH) is the accreditation commissioned by the Quality Council of India, the Joint Commission International (JCI) is the international arm of the American Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations standards. Given the outreach of the Healthcare and Education sectors growing leaps and bounds and transcending the Indian borders, some premier Indian institutions stand already accredited with these national & international bodies. Many more are rightly following the suit. Although the process is a bit tedious and complex but with adequate guidance and professional consultancy, your business could be next in line and soon enlisted as ‘Accredited’. This verily will give a massive boost to your brand image and put you in the league of premier and high rated businesses. Eye Care Helpline Consultancy has a niche distinction of result backed success in healthcare sector & will soon be launching similar services in Education domain as well.

WHAT, WHY & HOW of Accreditation & Empanelment
What is NABH?
NABH is an autonomous not-for-profit body that regulates the healthcare sector in India & of late internationally as well. . The primary mandate of this body is to redefine the healthcare delivery in the developing world. The aim is to introduce quality and accreditation to the HCOs as their first step towards awareness and capacity building. NABH Accreditation is the accreditation of a hospital to NABH Standard Release 2007 which is accredited by International Society for Quality in Health Care ISQUA. In turn this body started to regulate global health care in 1985 and currently has recognition in over 100 countries

Why Accredit /Empanel:
Quality comes at a cost but absence of quality can be damaging. In the longer run it proves to be cost effective. Studies have shown that national/international accreditation will result in more profitability to the hospitals and even less taxing to the patient. The principal benefits of this process are:
  • Accreditation helps Build, Maintain and Strengthen patient’s confidence.
  • It earns your hospital the all important TRUST of all stake holders including Investors
  • It is perhaps the most vital USP of your brand service.
  • It brings- in the ‘best practices of Evidence Based Medicine’.
  • Accreditation streamlines your systems and processes and prevents duplication of work.
  • It eliminates non-value added processes.
  • It is one of the principal component in determine your ‘Brand value’.
  • It opens the channels of International collaboration and makes you eligible to render international patient care services
  • It allows for international Resource Exchange, Training programs and collaborative clinical research.

How Accredit – The Process:
Accreditations like NABH or IAP provide a mechanism for external evaluation that looks, determines and certifies the services of a healthcare body like a hospital or clinic and that it meets international best practice requirements and to demonstrate this to their clients, funders and other stakeholders. The process is based on a framework of standards for continuous improvement, which utilizes self-assessment and independent peer review. Each of the programmes are based around a 3 to 4 year cycle incorporating continuous assessment. While hospitals are readily eager to get accredited yet the very process proves a deterrent & they face challenges and difficulties in implementing all the Accreditation parameters.

In order to facilitate hospitals & health care bodies , NABH has developed Pre Accreditation Entry Level Certification standards, as a stepping stone for enhancing the quality of patient care and safety. The idea is to introduce quality and accreditation to the HCOs as their first step towards awareness and capacity building. Once Pre Accreditation Entry Level Certification is achieved, the HCO can then prepare and move to the next stage - Progressive Level and finally to Full Accreditation status.

This method provides a step by step and staged approach, which is practical for the HCOs. The applicant hospital must have conducted self-assessment against NABH Pre Accreditation Entry Level standards after implementing it for at least 3 months before submission of application and must ensure that it complies with the standards.

To make the entire process a reality, our consultants with guide and extend direct support to you and ensure that your business doesn’t suffer in the process . We will let you focus completely on your routine business operations while we all the complex documentation and guidance needed throught out your accreditation cycle.

How to make a beginning! Just call our support executives at 9988-610-610 & we will set the ball rolling for you.

Business Growth, Management & Start-up Consulting Services :
  • Business Automation with IT Solutions
  • Recruitment & Staff Training
  • Book Keeping & Accounting
  • Investments
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Eye Camps
  • Empanelments
  • TPA Desk
  • Buy and Sell Medical Equipments
  • NABH
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