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This Video leads with the Retinal Disorders at every age and all Common Retinal Disorders.
This video will shed light on one of the noblest acts of charity – eye donation. It will delve into the process and procedures that are followed, and the various benefits that come with donating one’s eyes.
This video lists down various eye care tips that can be incorporated in our day-to-day lives.
The Video contains the answers to the frquently asked questions about Lasik Laser Surgery.Pre Test Cost Involved in this surgery, can lasik correct astigmatism, is lasik covered under mediclaim or insurance. Us lasik allowed in cds, air force, navy, army, can lasik cure myopia, can lasik be done twice, can lasik causes lazy eye or amblyopia, lasik side effects, can lasik be done after cataract surgery.
This video will expand on allergic conjunctivitis – a common eye condition. It will touch upon its classification, causes, pathophysiology, signs, symptoms,management and the recent advances in allergic conjunctivitis.
This Video Contains information about Robotic FEMTO Laser Bladeless Cataract Surgery. The Video Explains that why LASER Cataract Surgery is better than PHACO Emulsification Cataract Surgery. Myths and Facts about this surgery is discussed.
This video will talk about the signs and symptoms of cataract, and everything else that you need to know about this eye disease.
This video tells us that what is Glaucoma and its Symptoms and Treatments. It also explains about disgnosis and Prevention of Glaucoma.
This Video contains all the information related to Cataract Srgery. From its meaning to its Symptoms, its Causes. Information related to the Operation of Cataract its treatments.
This video tells about Diabetic Retinopathy, Stages of Diabetic Retinopathy,Treatment of Diabetic Retinopathy, Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis & Prevention.
In this Video we get to know the Options in LAsik Surgery. What are the procedures for specs removal and which Option is best for you. LASIK, Contoura vision, Customized Lasik, PRK, FEMTO, SMILE.
This Video tells about Conjunctivitis or Pink Eye, Meaning of Conjunctivitis or Pink Eye, Symptoms of Conjunctivitis or Pink Eye, Treatment of Conjunctivitis or Pink Eye, Causes, allergic, bacterial and viral conjunctivitis, conjunctivitis eye drops, prevention of conjunctivitis and precautions for conjunctivitis.
This Video tells us about Keratoconus, Causes, Signs & Symptoms, Treatment of Keratoconus, How to improve Vision and Specs Removal in Keratoconus.
The video explain about Dry Eyes its causes symptoms and Treatment and the viseo also explains about IPL Treatment for dry eyes.
The video contains information about the things a pateint should should know before undergoing Cataract Surgery. What is Cataract,which Lens to be used Multiphocal, monophocal and also types of procedure in Cataract Surgery.
This Video answers the most common questions patient asks before undergoing the Cataract Surgery. Cost of Cataract Surgery, which types of lens to be used, Is Cataract surgery covered under Insurance in India, recovery time after the surgery is done and every other information regarding the Catarct Surgery.