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Effect of Mobile usage on eyes of Children, its side effects on Children not only on eyes but also on their full Body.
This video delves into various aspects of Squint; about how it is caused, the psychological impact it has on people with squint and breaks down various myths about its treatment.
This video explains the causes and reasons that why spectacle power returns after LASIK. What are the reasons for returning myopia or specs power?
This video will enlighten you about Computer Vision Syndrome, which is also known as Digital Eye Strain. Along with this, it will tell you what kind of exercise you should practice every day to prevent your eyes from getting affected with this syndrome.
This video gives us an in-depth understanding of Glaucoma – an eye disease that causes damage to the optic nerve. The video defines Glaucoma and tellsus the difference between Glaucoma and Cataract. It then goes on to elaborate on various types of Glaucoma, the people who are at risk, how it is diagnosed and treated, and some important pointers about this eye disease.
This video will give you a detailed list of instructions, dos and don’ts that must be followed after an eye, cataract, LASIK or retina glaucoma surgery.
This video gives details about Cataract Surgery. It is the Patient Guide for the Cataract Surgery
This video tells about that which Lasik Surgery Procedure is Best. There are different Lasik Procedures like Standard Lasik, Customized Lasik, FEMTO Lasik, Blade Lasik, Bladeless Lasik, Contoura Vision, SMILE Lasik, Topoguided Lasik, PRK, FLAP Lasik, Flapless Lasik.
Watch this video to note down all the important pointers that you must keep in mind while using and putting eye drops.
This video explores and defines an eye condition called Cataract. It will give you a peek into the signs, symptoms and causes of cataract, varied types of cataract, the people who are at risk of getting this eye condition, available treatment options and tells you when exactly the right time for a cataract surgery is .
This video talks about squint, which is one of the most common eye disorders among children. It delves into factors that cause and lead to squint.
In this video doctor explains about digital eye strain or computer vision syndrome, and also tells that how this syndrome or strain can be prevented and also what are the causes and symptoms of this strain or syndrome.
This video sheds light on the recovery phase after a cataract surgery, what one can expect and the necessary precautions that must be taken after undergoing the surgery.
In this video Dr. Amit Gupta explains about Disadvantages of Rubbing Eyes.
This video will take you through numerous aspects of Glaucoma like how this condition affects vision, factors responsible for its development, the three types of treatment options and more.
This video begins with an introduction to blue light, moving on to blue light filter. Further, it talks about blue light glasses and how these glasses protect the eyes from blue light.
The video explains that how spectacles can be removed permanently at the age of 40 through ICL, IPCL, Monovision Lasik, Refractive Lens, and Exchange RLE.
In this video Dr. Amit explains about the Causes and Treatment of Squint in Kids.
This video lets us know that How Much Screen Time is Safe for Kids. In this Video Dr. Amit Gupta explains that what are the disadvantages of excessive screen time also what all you can do that will help you to avoid these disadvantages overcome your kids.
In this video Dr. Amit Gupta explains about the Squint Treatment in detail.
In this video doctor tell about the Eye Drops for common Eye Problems like Red Eyes, Itching, Pain, Infection, Dry Eyes. And also about Antibiotic Eye Drops, Lubricating Eye Drops, Anti Inflammatory Eye Drops, Anti-Glaucoma Eye Drops, Eye Ointments.